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1924 Acre Lease
1924 acres in SW Sutton county about 20 min. from Sonora, TX. Property has not been leased for the last 4 years and has been under a MLD3 program for the last 3 years with only family hunting the property. Excellent White tail hunting with Trophy deer to 170. Included Exotics of axis, fallow deer, black buck, aoudad, turkey, hogs and predators. Hunters' house is a three bed / one bath with DISH, electricity and water included. Currently there are nine fiberglass tower stands, each with a 1000# corn feeder. There are also six 2000# protein feeders and two fourteen-ton bulk feed storage , and a three-ton bulk feed trailer. Hunters pay for year-round feed. Property also features a 65 acre winter wheat field / big hills, big valleys and canyons
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Russell Abendroth
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